"Art is not tame, and nature is not wild, in the ordinary sense. a perfect work of man's art would also be wild or natural in a good sense."

- Henry David Thoreau



My painting in the last few years has taken me in two directions. I continue to love painting landscapes, animals and my abstracted versions of the aforementioned, but am also developing a series of multimedia works on paper and wood that have social and political content.

In all the work I do, there is a controlled vision or viewpoint, a simplifying of the subject to create a straightforward composition for impact and accessibility. My aim is to produce a lushness in the painting, drawing or print through highly saturated color and vibrant light. In this meandering process we call creating, the imagination often leads me to blessed surprises wherein the painting/art coalesces.

Anne Garden Studio


I am curating herstoryinamerica.org, a show about important women in American history who have moved the dialogue forward culturally, politically, and socially.​

Art Exhibit
   August 27 - August 29, 12-5pm
   Outdoor Performance Sat. 2-4pm  

The White Barn

2727 Sulphur Springs Ave.

St. Helena, CA 94574


Event to benefit getting out the vote.